Nerve System Physiology

Nervous System Physiology
Virtually every cell, tissue, organ and system of your body is controlled and regulated by your nervous system. And while the complex chemical and electrical nature of this vast network is best left to others, here are four key things you should know:

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Efferent Communications; out from the brain
Nerve impulses are sent from the brain out to the organs and tissues of your body.

Afferent Communications; in to the brain
Nerve impulses are sent back to the brain to make sure everything is working correctly.


If nerve tissue is stretched, pinched, choked or twisted, messages going from or to the affected organ or tissue will be  affected. They can be interrupted  (i.e., constipation, paralysis) or they can be irritated (i.e., diarrhea, spasm, pain)

The nervous system is most vulnerable where delicate nerve tissue comes into close contact  with the moving bones of your spine. That’s why we're interested in your spine!